Working for the REACH Program


The REACH Program seeks volunteer mentors to assist students in the program with the transitions and experiences of college. Mentors aid in providing a "true college experience" for students by sharing time, knowledge, and experiences with their peers. Mentors are role models, supporters, and friends!

Social Mentors are encouraged to engage in traditional college activities with their mentees each week and provide role modeling or feedback as needed. Activities can include eating meals, going to the library, attending campus and community events, watching TV/movies, or attending club meetings. Fitness Mentors are asked to participate in activities that involve physical activity serveral times a week, encouraging healthy eating and exercise habits. Activities may include walking downtown, working out in the gym, riding bicycles, or playing sports/games in the park.

Interactions can take place on weekdays or weekends, can be anything a student would typically do with their friends or for school, and should be based on the shared interests of the mentor and mentee.

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The REACH Program is always accepting applications for Tutors to provide academic support for students by leading three tutoring sessions per week with the purpose of preparing the students for class, guiding students throughout the semester in all academic endeavors, and encouraging students to utilize other campus resources such as their professors, the Center for Student Learning, and SNAP, when appropriate. Other responsibilities include reporting weekly to the REACH Program coordinator regarding progress, concerns, and general updates; communicating weekly with the students' professor(s) regarding tutoring topics/goals, concerns, and general updates; and attending monthly tutor training sessions.

In order to be considered, candidates must be enrolled in classes at the College of Charleston either as a graduate or undergraduate student during the semester(s) he or she wishes to tutor. This is a part time paid position with a commitment of 5-6 hours per week.

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