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Mission and Vision


The REACH Program is dedicated to ensuring students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have a quality postsecondary program that provides an inclusive experience in academics, socialization, career development, and independent living, honors their dignity and worth, and fosters self-determination.


The REACH Program at the College of Charleston is a four-year, fully-inclusive postsecondary certificate program for young adults with mild intellectual and/or developmental disabilities - students who would otherwise be unable to attend college with their peers. My vision was to take what the traditional college student experiences and add modifications so students with different learning needs could live and learn on campus and have a true college experience. This endeavor at the College of Charleston has been tremendously successful: students in the REACH Program have been able to participate in every aspect of college life and are learning how to become adults while being challenged and supported through the process. Students have become self-determined and actively engaged in creating and living their lives. Who could ask for more?

                                                                                                                                                                          ~Edie Cusack